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Hope For Her

In 2015 H4RI realized there was need for these pads as Girls were dropping out of school due to lack of sanitary pads, women in communities were using unhygienic materials ,and girls engaging into direct and indirect prostitution just to get money to buy pads every month.

In 2016 we started making and distributing these pads as noted above. Every year we make and distribute 15000 reusable pads.

We plan to reach out to 15,000 women by giving them reusable sanitary; We now have a team of 5 committed ladies making these pads at our offices and below is how we believe we can raise funds to meet our 2020 15000 women6pads  @ $15 USD

Each woman/girl gets 6pads, each pad costs $2.5USD and that includes electricity, cost for the material, salary for the people that make it, transport, feeding etc.

1 pad=$2.50 (Two Dollars Fifty Cents)

6 pads=$15 (a kit) (Fifteen Dollars)

15000 women=Cost of kit $15*number of women to be reached 15000


=$225,000 USD (Two Hundred Twenty Five Thousand United States Dollars)